Thursday, January 6, 2011


The sixty promises to Abraham. This is to say, all of the blessings under the covenant that God made with Abraham, (Genesis 17:1,2 & 21) who by faith increased his headship as an authority in God’s true status of ordinances, through his willingness to be tested beyond all measure, by sacrificing his only dear son Isaac.

Abraham our father of faith, kept all the stipulations God The Father had assigned him, to have no other gods but Him alone, and to worship Him by sacrificing a bull or a ram as God had requested. By the sacrificial offering on a stone altar, the burnt carcass’s aroma would be a sweet smelling aroma, which delighted Father God. This form of a sacrifice was established through Abraham, throughout the ages leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ, which was an accepted form of worship used in the temples and synagogues, till no longer of practice in the time of Jesus’ resurrection, that He had become the sacrificial lamb God Himself provided, to bless His people to go to Him rather than for themselves by their own sacrifice of whichever animal they chose to burn on their altars – to The Lord.

God had provided His only begotten Son, for the sacrifice of His only way to Him for mankind, after the fall from grace of the men and women of the covenant God made with Abraham for the people’s benefit and His.

“My true purpose here is to tell you of the fall from grace – this happened within the first century of man – that I had to punish the earth’s inhabitants, for their wickedness – so I flooded the earth, and only one family survived to spread my true purpose for humankind – and that is to glorify the Lord their God with all their heart, and all their mind.”

This was to be accepted by them as friend and maker of the universe – their Father God Almighty, who always came to the people through His arisen prophets foretelling all God’s messages, as pre-warnings for the people’s justice.

“My heart has always been open to all who have seeked Me and tried with all their heart to obey Me and keep my statutes, which are – the principals of The Ten Commandments.

My true understanding was passed on to the people for the generations forthcoming, through the writings of The Bible as is today – for enlightenment on My – principals and terms of living under My blessings.

I will not pass any blessings onto the people who have been stubborn and hypocritical. But they shall receive much more for their disobedience, in not keeping My Laws – says the Lord.

I tell you – Yes I do punish all who do not love Me. (1 Corinthians 16:22 GNT)

“Whoever does not love The Lord – a curse on him.” (1 Corinthians 5:12-13 GNT)

My ordinances are as such – A curse upon him if he has not loved Me to obey Me.

The curses outlined in Deuteronomy 15 – are the punishment I will send to the fourth and fifth generations of the people who have rejected My Laws of The Ten Commandments, and all associated with them. I have not cursed man for the sake of punishment to just satisfy My needs and purposes – No – but because I love and want relationship with My creation, to live among them with their praises, I will bring everything to a place of harmony and tranquillity, if they prosper in keeping themselves true to Me, and abide in all My precepts.

The time that I did punish as a curse, was the city of Sodom and Gommorah, for their wickedness – I The Lord destroyed the lot, and let Lot’s family escape. For My covenant with Abraham – Lot’s uncle, was to be as a saving piece for his family. True to My word, I kept Lot from being destroyed too – only his wife who disobeyed, was turned into a heap of salt, as a reminder to all that I do punish.” (Genesis 14)

God’s punishment is so serious He did it to his wife and destroyed her forever, as a reminder to us all of how God is merciful – He warns many times – but after this, He keeps His word – for God cannot lie.

This episode is only one of many of hundreds of thousands of times that God – Yes, cursed His creation for abandoning His ways – so He abandoned them to the enemy’s pursuit for his own justice against God, for his own plight as an outcast from heaven too.

God did not release the plagues on Egypt, to just show that He could do anything, but only after He – through Moses, was disobeyed by the people receiving His message, through His man of God – Moses and Aaron his spokespersons.

True to His word – God will not allow the desecration of His true word, and so He does allow punishment to be used, to bring back His fold to enlighten them on the darkness of sin, apart from Him.

God The Father in Genesis 3, did plant the beautiful garden He named Eden, because he longed for a loving relationship with His creation man – Adam – whom was given a female mate, as his wife, for fellowship with God. He forgot God, when he just gave into Eve’s request alone – without consulting God his maker, and it got him into trouble, when he was seduced to believe what he would be doing was harmless – but the price to pay was so hard and so unaccepting by them, that they hid themselves from God The Father – who would fellowship with them in the cool of the day – each day – to see His beloved creations, enjoying in His abundances.

Adam and Even were immediately conscious of the error of judgement against their Father – God their creator, but without repentance they failed and were escorted from grace to hardships.

These hardships were due to their disobedience, and you too can learn from their life, from Genesis 15 – the life they had now accepted, was God’s curse upon them and upon all they had. Like their son’s fate under God’s curse, which was to be the first murder ever to be recorded, of the brother who was kind and respectful into the hands of the deceiving brother Cane, who killed his brother Able out of sheer jealousy for what his brother did for God – he sacrificed his first harvest of all his fields to God in thanksgiving – which God was pleased and prospered him – but the curse being concurrent, left no place for the favour of God for His protection, and so the maligned brother took his revenge for God’s discord with him, in not giving of his first fruits – but only what he could spare to sacrifice for The Lord’s goodness.

God was not present for them to help and give His favourable blessings in protecting their family from harm’s way – so He allowed harm – which is the Devil’s attacks against God, through His creation – to hurt and inflict hardship in their lives.

“This is it – the plight of the evil, will result in hardships and hurts away from My covering. Under My covenant of blessings from Abraham to the present day, and for the future generations who love and honour and obey Me, the other is this – Blessed are those who search for Me and find Me in doing My ways of true love and honour for Me, within the guidelines of My Laws, The Ten Commandments – for they shall be blessed – their families shall be blessed, and their covering under My mighty hand for their protection and My favour.

This is true favour which I can always give freely and pass on My mighty covering of grace, through The Blood of The Lamb Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who is My beloved Son -

So from all peoples, this is what I require – Listen, learn and obey The Lord their only God.

Give me the pleasure of their gratitude, and give thanks before they have what they so desire, and I will reward all who seek Me with a repentant heart and with a heart to learn and do and put into action, what I have taught them through My Word – The Bible.”