Saturday, April 13, 2013


“Dear Lord Jesus I am truly sorry for all my sins of discriminatory.  I plead your cause for your precious blood shed at Calvary of the atonement, for my sins on this account.

Lord Jesus I recognize this is a generational bloodline curse within my family, which has been attracting the sorts of people, once discriminated against by my forebears and ancestors.

 Lord Jesus I truly believe that you died on the cross for my sins, therefore I repent of all the bloodline generational curses through “discriminatory” within my forebears and ancestors, is now cancelled in Jesus’ name, and I am repossessed  by the Lord Jesus once more for the freedom to be where I am, without any “discriminatory” present, and to make this a permanent reality, Lord Jesus I bind up in your precious name Jesus, all of the spirits of the strongman of “discriminatory” within myself (and my family members names), and we ask now Jesus for all those spirits of the strongman of “discriminatory” to now be loosed in Jesus’ name, and to go to where Jesus has allocated for them.  I thankyou Father to send your Holy Spirit to anoint me (and my family members names) with the perfection of your Kingdom, Amen!  So be it Lord Jesus do it, and I now draw the bloodline of Jesus over the whole lots, Amen!

Lord Jesus I thankyou now to give me (and my family members names) your clarity and discernment of who is from you in our life, and those whom you have entered into our lives as a result of the generational curses played out in our lives as the descendants of the past ancestors and forebears, down to the 3rd and 4th generation, Amen!

I now tell you Satan, you have no legal rights to oppress me (family members names) in this way again, and with “discriminatory” defeated, I tell you Satan leave us and go to where Jesus has given for you, and I lay our carnal defences at your feet Jesus, through the offences of discriminatory attacking us from the way, the truth, and the life Jesus died to give us.  Lord Jesus I now ask that your Holy Spirit be ever present within us all of the (your family’s surname and members names) which will enhance our understanding of the real friendships God has ordained, and those whom have entered against God’s will into our lives on account of doors of “discriminatory.”  I ask Jesus that you seal them shut with your precious blood, and receive us into your Kingdom come living here on earth, Amen!  So be it Lord Jesus do it, Amen!  For Thine glory Father God, Amen!

 Lord Jesus thankyou, Father God thankyou, and Holy Spirit thankyou for retrieving us to newness of life in Christ Jesus, Amen!  To Jesus be honour and glory, Amen!”  (Philippians 2:5-11)

Friday, April 12, 2013


(Genesis 9:20-27 GNT.) “Noah who was a farmer, was the first man to plant a vineyard. After he drank some of the wine, he became drunk, took off his clothes, and lay naked in his tent.  When Ham, the father of Canaan, saw that his father was naked, he went out and told his two brothers. Then Shem, and Japheth took a robe and held it behind them on their      shoulders.  They walked backwards into the tent and covered their father, keeping their faces turned away so as not to see him naked.  When Noah was sober again and learnt what his youngest son had done to him, he said, “A curse on Canaan!  He will be a slave to his brothers.  Give praise to the Lord of Shem!  Canaan will be the slave of Shem!  May God cause Japheth to increase! May his descendants live with the people of Shem!  Canaan will be the slave of Japheth.”

*”In Jesus’ name I breakdown every bondage and oppression due to the generational bloodline       Curses from Shem through his son – Canaan through to us of this generation (family’s name and members names), the curses spoken from Noah’s lips because of the immorality and  sexual perversion through lustfulness and pride by Ham, of his father.  This curse is now broken in Jesus’ name off from myself (family members names), and all our forthcoming descendants, by the precious blood of Jesus shed at Calvary of the atonement sacrifice by Father God of His beloved Son Jesus, who was tempted of all sins but did not fall victim to the sins, and therefore is resurrected and is seated at the right hand of the Father, interceding on our behalf, Amen!

 Lord Jesus we of the (family’s name) families, me, (members names), repent of all the   generational bloodline curses from Noah to his son Ham, through his son Canaan, whereby he        was accursed from that time because of the immorality and sexual perversion through lustfulness and pride.  We now renounce our attitudes of immorality and sexual perversion through lustfulness and pride, and repent of it all, Amen! In Jesus’ name I draw the bloodline of Jesus over it all, Amen!

Father God in Jesus’ name I bind up all the principalities of darkness which have governed our lives from the paths of unrighteousness laying before us instead of the paths you have chosen for us, Amen! Lord Jesus I now command in your precious name, Jesus for all those demonic forces due to  the generational bloodline curses of immorality and sexual perversion through lustfulness and      pride, spoken by Noah, to now be loosed from us of the (family’s name, and members names),       and all our forthcoming descendants to the 3rd and 4th generations, and cast them all onto the       Lord Jesus.  I now ask you Jesus to heal our land of the (family’s name), mine (members names)       with the washing of your blood Jesus over us, and to instigate in us your purposes fulfilled, Amen! That we shall serve you, for you are the only Lord of our lives, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and no other shall we serve, Amen!  So be it Lord Jesus do it, for thine is the glory, the        Kingdom and the power forevermore, Amen! So be it Lord Jesus do it!”