Sunday, August 7, 2011


Obedience to The Father’s request through The Son’s orders, through The Holy Spirit’s guidance is the path of deliverance whch will enable all who choose to follow The Lord’s ways to become powerful, and in His mighty power – to do as He assigns for that particular matter of agenda’s dismissal.

My true interpretation of understanding in, “The Ways of The Lord,” is to always be constant and stable and not to give into doubt whatsoever – for any reason – for out of the heart, the mind speaks truth – but out of the will comes rebellion and rejection and disobedience to adhere to God’s provisions, for all in His perfect will and timing. Psalm 127 says, “That unless The Lord builds the house the work of the builders is useless.” This means that if a person continues to rebel and reject all offers of help to restabilise their standards – whether it be in life standards – job standards or personal standards of living – whether it be from family or friends trying to impose their BEST GOOD ADVICE for a particular matter present in a person’s life – it won’t be adhered to by the needy person . Because God cannot be two masters – He is the one and only true God, and where there is duplication of faith – to believe God can do all things – for one time when things are going well, to the reversal of faith, which is doubting in God's capabilities – God is not building that house – for the body is the temple of The Holy Spirit and if we ignore all promptings by Him – we are building our own house which can become vacant from grace, and become an open door for Satan and his fellow demons to occupy. This therefore becomes a trap for the person who believes and doubts continuously – because no reality is present when the inhabitants of that person’s house are doubleminded, with faith when the going is well, and doubt when difficulty comes upon their situation with only negative circumstances apparent.

People with an adverse agenda to God’s for their building of their lives upon “their standards,” cannot last for very long – with no permanent gains – only small pittances and no long lasting temperances.
My true aim here is to identify this personality to those who are continually objective to all advice to do better – for “ the downfall life” instead of doing what God requires, and that is to aim high for His perfection as in Psalm 27:4, “Living delighting in The Lord’s perfections,” so that all may go well with us permanently, and not a roller coaster road one minute and then a platform lifestyle, unbalanced and unroutined without changing for the better for yourselfor your family’s welfare.

Humility is the one hard factor of reality to regain the perfect will of God back into one’s life.

First, when the person has realised that “their way” is not the answer and want a true powerful lifestyle with balance and upright order – will have to admit – they can no longer live like this and they will accept humility from The Lord to be able to accept advice and adhere to them, by forgetting themselves and putting true faith into practice – this means submitting their will to The Father and to let Jesus become Lord of their life, with The Holy Spirit’s guidance daily. This will end the plight of self building – because apart from God – we can do nothing – and it’s only when this is acknowledged that through the grace, faith bounds, our reasonability can adhere to change for the better, once the”doubtful lifestyle has been repented of”, the life of the Builder – Jesus will take
over with the ability to change the thought patterns from self-indulgent to an open-minded reasonability. “Well done good and faithful servants,” The Lord will say to this through His achievers prayer for re-establishing God to be the builder of your house and lifestyle –“My Lord and my God I offer You my will and my life, for Your will to be done alone in my life. Amen!”