Wednesday, July 6, 2011


“My outline here is to advise all who follow My true Laws from The Ten Commandments to do as God requires alone – to do your best – and Jesus will do the rest.  He will enlighten you when troubles come near to steer you off track from believing in Him for all your needs, met through The Father’s provisions.
Jesus who is The Way, The Truth and The Light of the world – will always be The Lord of your life as long as you keep hearing and obeying and doing as He guides, and instructs through His Holy Spirit – this is a Factual Declaration of Revelation.
My opinion for all who choose to follow their own paths is this – don’t do it!  Don’t believe for one minute you could have your own way and be happy – because I can assure you that although when disobedience is allowed to take hold in a person’s life, it doesn’t take long for the person to realize their loss of joy – through doubting – that will always bring the unbeliever back to their senses to believe once more, and to rely on Jesus to save them once more, through their acknowledging the truth of His Word, and also to never doubt again.
If we will do our best to not backslide, God who knows our heart – will send us reminders to remember all that He’s given us and done for us from our past and present.
We must never allow the enemy, Satan’s persuance to win our souls – for that’s the loss of all everyone ever could hope for in a better future, and a better life in freedom.
Repent when you find yourself doubting and rejecting God’s call in your life – don’t lose faith, even for one minute – for the punishment is not worth it, because Satan’s attacks of lies and doubts will have no place in a true believer’s stand on faith.  To always dismiss Satan at his onset of attacks on your thoughts, by saying, “It is written, Satan get away from me you are an obstacle in my pathways, and my Lord El Shaddai has it all resolved!” (Matt. 16;23).  This will be the ultimate weapon to free you to enjoy life once more.”