Thursday, December 8, 2011


According to James 4:7

“Jesus knew what He was talking about when He gave no answer to Satan in the wilderness as He was put to the test for physical, power acquisitioned authority, rather than His Father’s will to be done through Him in obedience.

Satan’s main attack through people against God’s will in their lives for Their good intentions, is that when God has put a request to us, whether through a direct ordered request through us or either through someone else’s requests, Satan enters to make petition against that request being obeyed.

No matter what angle he uses it’s all the same – for a failure on God’s agendas for our lives, and not his – which will be always for our adversarian benefits.

This is what everybody must recognize – is that no matter what, Satan wants to bring demise and havoc without a peaceful life existing, in the persons’ miser-able lives of resorting to only disguising his evil with God’s good principles of obedience – with putting his reasonings into practice, with his  permissible will of disobedience allowing doubt to adhere to a request for adherence to – by putting good meaning ideas of reasonability to make common sense impractical,
- but to start in the person’s reasoner, that God wants this of them because it won’t hurt them to do against what was advised for this. Because they are to believe in their needs are primary. To be able to suffice in making God’s obedience requests to be applied to their workload, and to discard a commitment to obey God in attending where He allotted, for the certain time agreed – this means, plans will be changed for the usual agenda, by Satan’s interfering in God’s provisions, so that the person who has been contemplating that request’s dismissal, gets out of the obedience zone and miss out on God’s potential of grace and discernment,
- but God, He will provide when we ask God for clarity and He does,
- when Jesus is mentioned watch Satan flee!
- what God gives, God gives for keeps!”