Sunday, March 29, 2015


“According to, (Matthew 8:15) “He touched her hand; the fever left her, and she got up and began to wait on Him.”
I’m sure of this, that God is and God does provide for all our healings, whether it be for a broken heart or, a disease of any sort, God is, God will provide for that particular healing.
I was truly lost once but now I see the truth of His Word “Jesus” who is the way, the truth, and the life for us all to believe as the Bible tells us in (John 3:18) “Those who believe in the Son are not judged,” for those who believe in their heart and confess “Jesus is God’s Son” from their lips, will not perish but have everlasting life, for the Scriptures also tell us, “To love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, doing unto others what you would want them to do to you,” for God is love and only by love can we adore Jesus and worship Him as God and Son of God.
This is a true story, when I was growing up, I was seeking for a life, I thought would satisfy me for the future – this meant for me – to marry and to have children – that’s all I longed for.  I must say, I was disappointed to find the reality of the matter is, that I was not fulfilled personally until I met Jesus for the very first time in March of 1996, whereby I felt His touch for the first time in my life, that I too was able to get up from the bed of misery I had been forced to endure from a wrongful mindset I had placed on my life which was my unhappiness at my state of life at the time,  whereby I was living in a state of regrets for the past home I had lived in with my family, was gone forever.   The house I was living in did not suit my ideals of what would make me happy, to the point of my ungratefulness in my situation becoming a permanent disability to my legs from an operation which was not enabling me to walk properly any more.  I am aware that some people think that God healing people is only in the Bible, but I can tell you for a fact that I was healed over a three day period by Jesus’ touch through a lovely lady neighbour, who had prayed for me on the 22nd March, 1996.  She gave me a prayer to which she believed was given to her by God for my healing, if I would say it.  I did, and received God’s healing of my disability to walk three days later completed.  I am a witness to this happening because His touch healed me, and now I can serve Him by telling others to believe and pray for their healing touch by Jesus too, for The Bible tells us “that when two or more are gathered in His name, then He is with us.”  So I truly believe by faith this is what happened to me with my lady neighbour praying and believing for me.
Unfortunately, it takes a person to reach their last attempts to get results that allows for their belief to kick in when all else has failed.   But I truly can tell you that, “when it gets tough, the tough get going,” in which you’ll try anything to get the results you’re looking for.
I had been a church goer, believed in Jesus all my life, but I didn’t know healing was available as well as salvation from sin through repentance.  God wants our acknowledgement for our sins, so that Jesus can heal and restore us with His loving touch of His precious blood washing over us, and healing our diseases of all sorts.  I am here to convey to you all who would hear my warnings – don’t sit in misery with unbelief of the promises of God which are found throughout the Bible, but acknowledge with a grateful heart in all that you have and all that God is about to give you, that Jesus who is the Son of God heals today as He did in Bible times, for those who believe on Him, for He confirmed this in (John 14:1) “Do not be worried and upset,” Jesus told them, “Believe in God and believe also in Me.”
My word to all who would believe in what I say is true, “God is and God will provide,” for Jesus came that we might have life to the fullest, in His goodness and mercies every day to day, never forgetting that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, are One, the Lord God Almighty is the Creator of all things, and knows our needs before we ever know we need anything, so let’s unify our faith together and say out loud: 
*”Lord God Almighty, Maker of all things, I believe that you sent your only begotten Son Jesus, to mend the rift that sin caused to bring humanity apart from you, but you provided the perfect sacrifice who is Jesus, Son of God in the flesh, who took upon Himself our sins of transgression and unbelief upon Himself when He was crucified on the cross at Calvary, He died and was buried, and on the third day He arose from the dead, He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right-hand of the Father interceding on our behalf.
I repent Lord Jesus for all my sins past and present of unbelief in you, and your powerful touch when I choose to pray, for your healing touch in my life to be renewed and made anew for my service to you Lord Jesus in believing you are and always will be the Lord of my life, and I give my life to you to give me the destiny you have planned me to walk by faith in you Jesus, that God is and God will provide always now, and forever for all my needs met.
I am yours and you are mine Jesus, come live in me and through me to let me share your Good News that has set me free, to set others free from the sin of unbelief stagnating them also in life, as I once was blind but now I can see that Jesus is the Son of God and it’s through Him I am saved, Amen!
So be it Lord Jesus to do it for others as you have for me, Amen!”                                                             

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


“What does disloyalty mean, you may well ask?  Well in a nut shell – unfaithfulness which is inaccurate or misleading speech towards one’s loving family, or a friend or a colleague or towards God Himself.
We have all done it at some time, look at where it began – (Genesis 3:12) indicates the manner of sin we are all under before it is acknowledged as disloyalty to one another, and to God.  Adam answered God with, “The woman you put here with me gave me the fruit, and I ate it.”  What a perfect view of someone who is not loyal to anybody but themselves, they will choose to always pass their judgement of blame for their faults onto those who are near and dear to them.  But when they find out about it, something has to happen for the relationship to recommence from where they left off.  Either of, two actions have to occur before any mutual trust can begin to take place again.  These two would obviously be, to say sorry in acknowledgement to the person we have been unfaithful to, to regain their trust again.
Jesus knew fully well the nature of men, and so after the Last Supper He told His disciples what was about to happen in (Matthew 26:31, 33-35) “Then Jesus said to them, “This very night all of you will run away and leave Me.”
Peter spoke up and said to Jesus, “I will never leave you, even though the rest do!”
Jesus said to Peter, “I tell you that before the rooster crows tonight, you will say three times that you do not know Me.”
Peter answered, “I will never say that, even if I have to die with you!”  And all the other disciples said the same thing.”
This prediction of Jesus came true after Jesus’ arrest by the chief priest’s guards, when finally Peter denies Jesus in (Matthew 26:69-75) when, “Peter remembered what Jesus had told him: “Before the rooster crows, you will say three times that you do not know Me.”  He went out and wept bitterly.”  This is the remorse Peter showed once he remembered, which indicates his recognition of his wrongdoing.
We are all under this very attack, from the Garden of Eden, where we have denied one another in talking about each other to people when we have been angry for things that we didn’t like being kept from us by our family, or employers, with their refusing certain things we believed was our right, and so by gossiping, and bad-mouthing them we took on the sin of disloyalty.  This has happened to the majority of us all, until like Peter we remember the goodness of our family, or an employer who have always displayed their loyalty to us by not commenting personal matters about us to others, which on the other hand we did.
The only solution to this would be to repent, of all our wrongdoings to our family or employers, or any other individual who trusted us with their personal details, which we then displayed for public attention:
*”Lord Jesus, you know more about betrayal of trust through the disloyalty of those who you treated as your family.  I am sorry for all the times I have been disloyal to you, and not kept my loyalty to my family, or employers, by treating them unfairly with my unfaithfulness to you, for you have said to treat others as I would want them to treat me.  I had forgotten this principle at the time of my anger, and being caught up with disloyalty in my outspoken views concerning my family, or employers, or anybody who has trusted me with confidentiality.
I am truly sorry for the disruption I have caused to our relationship in this regard, and also with those I have bad-mouthed.
Lord Jesus, only you can mend the rift which has occurred between myself and all those of my family, and any employers I have taken advantage of to review my feelings about them in public, which has separated us from having a mutual trust relationship, to be regained once more, as you forgave Peter, may I also receive your forgiveness and restoration power to close the rifts setting myself and my family apart, or any employer as well from my true value of worth in a restored relationship of trustworthiness, to never again complain or gossip regarding any of my family, or any employer, because I trust you Jesus because you died on the cross at Calvary for my sins and you have washed them all away with your precious blood.  I thankyou Jesus to endow me with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, so that I can surpass all temptations by the evil one Satan to fall into his trap of disloyalty ever again, Amen, so be it Lord Jesus to do it, and I draw the bloodline of Jesus over the whole lots, Amen!”


Monday, March 2, 2015


(Matthew 8:16-17 GNT) “When evening came, people brought to Jesus many who had demons in them.  Jesus drove out the evil spirits with a word and healed all who were sick.  He did this to make what the prophet Isaiah had said come true, “He Himself took our sickness and carried away our diseases.”
“I am writing to you all on behalf of myself and all the true believers in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who came to remove any doubts about who the Father is in heaven, and who He Jesus is the Son of God, and truly the only way to the Father for our eternal resting place in the comforts of His abiding grace in heavenly quarters for eternity.  The Holy Spirit bears witness to this in all the gospels of the New Testament as Jesus told the disciples to gather back together in the Upper Room after His ascension into heaven.
I want to enforce this by stating God’s will is always to bring about His justice, as is written in (Hebrews 13:20-21) “God has raised from death our Lord Jesus, who is the Great Shepherd of the sheep as the result of His blood, by which the eternal covenant is sealed.  May the God of peace provide you with every good thing you need in order to do His will, and may He, through Jesus Christ, do in us what pleases Him.  And to Christ be the glory for ever and ever, Amen!”
I want to encourage you now and for always, to do the will of God through Jesus His Son’s directorship, in order to defeat any evil persuasions around you, which are interfering with God’s intended good for you, with this acclamation of faith:
*”Lord Jesus, you alone are my Lord and Saviour.  I have sinned in withholding myself from certain aspects of your call to me, whenever you have required my utmost obedience for my good to ascertain certain information which could set me free from years of perdition, at the hands of those who have demeaned and persecuted me for injustices to do me harm.
Jesus, you are my protector, and I trust in you from now onwards to reveal all that has been spoken out of any bitterness towards me, to be brought to your justice to prevail for me in your way of truth and righteousness for my name’s sake and all my family member’s sakes.
I am imploring with you Jesus to set me free from all that has been declared over my destiny, including my family members (their names), which has caused us much hurt and separation, by your shed blood to be drawn over all matters outstanding to date, which have referred to slander, beguile and lies formed against us to dishonour and trash us out of our rightful position in the community we live in, far and wide.
I now ask you Jesus, to take hold of this situation now from pursuing any further to damage and disrupt any, and all the plans you have for our good, mine and (your family members names), to advance any further by cutting it off with your two-edged sword of your Word Jesus, to cast all the curses from this episode in our lives into your sea of forgetfulness, and bring in its place the truth beyond any shadow of doubt regarding myself, and (family members names) to eradicate all, and any suspicions any further, by now pleading your precious blood over the whole lots now and for always, Amen!  So be it Lord Jesus to do it all, Amen, to bring about your covenant of grace to uphold us in your way of truth to be known to those who are concerned, in Jesus’ name, we trust to bring our salvation from the pursuing malicious damage reflecting its untruths about us any longer, Amen!”