Saturday, November 23, 2013


“The Lord Jesus commanded the man at the pool of Bethesda, “Rise take up your bed and walk” in (John 5:8), meaning :  get up out of your comfort zoned lifestyle and walk away from the multitudes as He did, stated in verse 13,”Jesus had withdrawn, a multitude being in that place.”  This passage of Scripture identifies how Jesus wants us free from multitudes being around us, to care and nurture us to healthy lives, with all mindfulness and abilities to be self-sustained, and not welfare recipients who rely on someone else’s abilities to get us from “A to B.”  Welfare is a wonderful resource by Government facilities to equip people to stay put for a while until they are able to get up and walk freely – meaning:  till they are healed of conflicting situations which have caused them to have the need in the first place to become welfare recipients – whether it could be out of loss of job status, or a situation of bankruptcy, or of a situation of financial stress relating to loss of assistance by a marital spouse through the result of a divorce, one can become orientated into a comfort zoned lifestyle through government dependency agents inclining in their lives to make them co-dependant on their laws and abilities for one’s capabilities to be categorised as a welfare recipient all their days without being restricted out of their comfort zoned lifestyle, for lack of wanting to be facilitated always by the government welfare agency’s prerogative of assistance being implemented always to sustain the comfort zoned lifestyle, from being effective in  one’s own abilities to get out from that comfort-zoned existence and the multitudes who are connected to the government organizations welfare recipients associations, as did the man at the pool of Bethesda to whom Jesus referred saying “Rise, take up your bed and walk.”  This statement Jesus made was all about – it’s time now to rise up from the comfort zoned lifestyle of our accustomed benefits, and take a stand on our own abilities and live in our own capabilities, not co-dependent on the government’s laws established to keep us reliant on government facilities for our well-being, but rather to be witnesses for Jesus as did the man healed by Jesus at the pool of Bethesda in verse 13, “But the one who was healed did not know who it was, for Jesus had withdrawn, a multitude being in that place.  Afterwards Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, “See you have been made well.  Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.”  Jesus meant that now he was efficiently standing on his own capabilities, he was not to retreat back into his comfort zoned lifestyle where the multitudes were, but to withdraw from that comfort zoned atmosphere of welfare co-dependency.   But to now be independently focused on what Jesus had given him for a life of witnessing what Jesus had done in making him well, and not by any other means, so in verse 15, “The man departed and told the Jews that it was Jesus who had made him well.” (John 5:5-15).
This example states that our position in life is to be effectively reliant on the Lord Jesus’ provisions, and not always on what man has erected for circumstances of downtroddedness to take root in effectively providing for a comfort zoned lifestyle, in accommodating for all our needs by turning to government organizations in the time of our need to effectively harbour us for those times when we have been put in financial circumstances of distress, but we must focus solely our gaze on what Jesus has provided for us to be healed of such hurts, and moving out of the comfort zoned lifestyle of law enforcement through government handouts becoming a comfort zoned lifestyle to rely upon in the place of wanting full healing and wholeness, and as the man departed from the multitudes healed and whole with freedom to move out and onwards witnessing his freedom from detaching himself from returning to that place where he had been restricted under the law’s standardisation of methodology that he was not effectively healed in right standing with the Sabbath laws, he chose to believe that his freedom was from Jesus who told him to beware, “Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.” (v.14), he knew how precious a gift it is, to be walking free it is, so he departed from that place and we never hear about him any more – which is God’s will for us all, not to have notoriety, but to get on with life living as He did when He, Jesus chose to become a bond-servant rather than to be served in a comfortzoned lifestyle, “made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a servant,” in (Philippians 2:7) in which we learn how Jesus carried Himself in a life of servitude for the common good of man in humbling Himself to the lowest point of the law of the Jews by allowing them to crucify him for not allowing  the law to officiate in his life by demanding He not heal on the Sabbath, and they, the Jews crucified Him for the very thing that He was sent into the world, according to (Matthew 7:7) “Ask, and it will be given to you, seek, and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.”   Jesus confirms for us too just as the man who was laying on his mat as a bed for thirty-eight years was seeking for someone to help him move out from his place of idle, and comfort zoned lifestyle of circumstantial evidence in that evidence of not being able to walk.   Well Jesus asked him to leave, and get up and walk away from that comfort zoned lifestyle where he was accustomed, but he could no longer co-habit with those seeking any longer, because his healing was now apparent  to all who saw him walking on his own unassisted.   He could no longer be co-dependent, but be a witness of the freedom Jesus had given him to work for his needs now and not be served back in his comfort zoned lifestyle from which he had been released.
The lesson Jesus is teaching us is that just because circumstances get us off His course at times, we are not to seek help constantly from government welfare facilitators, but “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it  will be opened to you.”  This means for our reliance to be solely on Jesus to sustain us in times of difficulties to meet our need, for just like the man at Bethesda, we need to depart from the comfort zoned lifestyle becoming a way of life, causing us to be co-dependent on government facilitation to meet our needs instead of turning to Jesus to meet our every need, who will heal and make us whole to be doers and not just recipients constantly depending on the law’s accommodation to facilitate us in a co-habitation with us to allow us to live in a style of not worrying about how we are to be maintained financially, but our confidence sustained constantly from week to week in the comfort zoned expectancy of being sustained by the government rather than Jesus.  In all that we do, let our testimony be in the freedom we have to serve others and they serve us in turn, by reciprocating back to us financial gain by employment where God opens doors for us, and not just we have been allocated government assistance to support us.  God wants everybody to be free to work, free to enjoy the labours of our day, in every aspect of our daily needs looking to Him for His provisions in our sustainability through Him in being whole complete lacking in nothing, for the Lord’s Prayer is the testimony of His ability to “Give us our daily bread” (Matthew 6:11) which clearly identifies how we are to be sustained out from the comfort zoned lifestyle existence which co-inhabits one’s lifestyle for as long as they are welfare recipients, and become indebted lifestyles to the government facilitators for their existence instead of God.  The reference here is found in verse 12 of the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13 NKJV), where we are told that we can be forgiven our debts, and led out of our temptation to continue being indebted to those government facilitators who have encouraged our comfort-zoned lifestyles to take effect withstanding any time limitations on the amount of time to be used.
I want to live free from debts to government or any other welfare organization accommodating us with comfort zoned lifestyles to care-take and serve us.  Rather, I would choose freedom to serve in which I am not governed by restrictions on where I live, or where I work and for how long, but I choose total freedom in Christ Jesus who came that we might have freedom completely, and wholly sufficient in the asking of His assistance in time of financial difficulties to give us His best, and not a life of freebies accommodating a comfort free zoned lifestyle which continues the indebtedness cycle of oppression to lay low and be served.
I would now invite anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired of the co-dependency lifestyle on government or any other financial institution to be indebted to for their freedom to be forfeited in restraints and liabilities from moving freely in their own capacity to work and live where they choose, to now effectively be released from the cycle of comfort zoned lifestyle indebtedness, to speak out and claim your freedom from the oppression of restrictions in your movement, to give Jesus the reigns of our lives to free us and loose us from those to whom we are indebted once and for all time, to depart from living exclusively co-dependent with facilitators, government or others:
*”Lord Jesus you care-take the world, and everything in it exists because of your care and love.  Lord I know that I have fallen away from my dependency upon you to sustain my every need, and I now repent of my ungratefulness in what you have supplied to me before I became indebted to the cycle of co-habitation with government and other facilitators for my daily needs being met.
Lord Jesus, I now ask for your forgiveness for my taking everything you have given me for granted up to this point, where I now find I have been stagnated from growth through my turning away from your provisions and becoming indebted to foreign subjects from your will for me.
Lord I truly want to be freed from this life of restricted living in a comfort free zoned lifestyle of co-habitation with organizations overtaking my freedom to live a free life from my dependency upon others to sustain me, now into your hands I commit from this moment forward to take control of my life forever and the day, that my eyes look to you for your relief Jesus from the position I find myself in presently.
Lord Jesus I ask you to loose me from the indebtedness I have allowed to keep me in a restricted lifestyle, whereby I cannot move freely where I choose because of my indebtedness to the cohabitation to my life of the government and other facilitators allowing for a comfort free zoned lifestyle now in your place.
Lord I repent of allowing others to control the way I live, where I live, and where I work to receive government and others’ assistance for my daily needs met.
I reject the lifestyle I have been living in which is no longer of my choosing, so Jesus I now cast the care free zoned lifestyle onto you Lord Jesus, have your way with me Lord, and forgive me for having a replacement, in your place.
Lord I now invite you into my heart to be the Lord and giver of my life, to give me and to sustain my every need to fulfilment of all my desires met sufficiently solely by you, in healing me and making me whole, free to serve you and give a living witness of your healing of my life’s circumstances of hopefulness to others.
Lord Jesus I now commit my life to serving you, for you alone Jesus are the Lord - and the Lord alone - is my God.
I draw the bloodline of Jesus over my past, and look to you Jesus with a renewed hope for my future, Amen, so be it Lord Jesus do it.”



Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We learn from the Bible teachings that homosexuality is one of the sins most hated by God.  We can find that in both the Old Testament and the New Testament are abounding with judgment and damnation of the sin of homosexuality and its punishment.  (Genesis 19:4-24) describes the sordid saga of the sodomites and their final destruction.  In (Leviticus 18:22) the law clearly labels homosexuality as an “abomination,” and (Deuteronomy 23:17) defines male prostitutes are excluded from Israel, as well as (1 Kings 15:12) the sodomites are removed by Asa out of the land, including (Isaiah 3:9) the sin of Sodom is exposed, and (Romans 1:24-32) explains how men who are burning with homosexual lust become taken over by a depraved mind.  (1 Corinthians 6:9) identifies that homosexuals and male prostitutes will not inherit the kingdom of God.   When facing this problem, the minister’s attitude must be to love the sinner but hate the sin.  Offering God’s redemption and hope for people bound by the sin of homosexuality, to be delivered and set free for the rest of their lives as is written in (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).
It is obvious through the spread of AIDS, that the severe consequences from the sin of homosexuality has been its cause, but unfortunately government refuse to acknowledge this and its spread goes unchecked.  In fact the opposite has occurred where, “The government has shown its compliance by permitting the election of homosexuals to office, by allowing children to be taught that homosexuality is merely an alternate lifestyle.  Our youth are pressured to consider the very practice for which God destroyed the twin cities of the plain centuries ago.” (Pierce, 1996, Ministerial Ethics: A Guide For Spirit-Filled Leaders, P.159).
Peter Harvey, an English Catholic theologian writes in his article from the Scottish Journal of Theology, and outlines a radical position on the nature of morality, using the Bible for the application of theory to practice, arguing “That the sacralizing of marriage marginalizes other possible forms of relationship.”  (Woodward & Pattison, 2009, P. 183).   An example given by Harvey is that of same-sex partnerships occurring which defends their ability to approximate the ideal of marriage, but fails to take seriously the variety of same-sex relationships differing from heterosexual relationships.
Harvey questions the facts whether a gay or lesbian relationship does conform to an ideal transposed from the heterosexual context, and shows his concern with its affect, on those involved becoming oppressive or liberating.  Harvey points out that, Pastoral theology is to become more committed and socio-politically aware, to meet the challenges from the perceptions of gay people, and points out that “The theological virtues of faith, hope and love need to be worked out afresh “in fear and trembling.” (Woodward & Pattison, 2009, Pastoral and Practical Theology, P. 183).
Bruce Milne author of Know the Truth affirms the need to be obedient to Scripture, and Jesus gives an example in (Matthew 19:5) that in the union of marriage they are no longer two, but one.  For God has revealed Himself and His plan and purposes for us in Christ Jesus as He has been revealed through all the Scriptures for us to know Him, then we are totally obligated to submit our lives in obedience to the Bible, in knowing truth and living it out as given in the Scriptures.

(Psalm 51:6) in the Old Testament teaches that truth is primarily a moral quality, which requires the characteristics of faithfulness and dependability in action.  We can read this same understanding from within the New Testament writings of (John 3:21; 1 John 1:6) expressing John’s concern for living and doing truth.  The Christian doctrine of authority for Christian truth  is revealed in the Scriptural evidence for all believers of Jesus Christ and His ministry on earth, to expound the Scriptures for our further understanding as He states in (Matthew 5:17) “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets.  I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.”  Christian truth embraces the authority of Christian doctrine as truth, by understanding Bible principles and setting one’s mind to understand the truth given in Scriptures from the Old and the New Testaments, and to obey it seriously with a passion for truth and implying a passion for obedience to truth.

Milne notes that, “In the end the doctrine of authority is eminently practical.  It confronts us with a specific challenge to obey all that the Bible teaches, all of the time.  Nothing could be more searching or down to earth than that.”  (Milne, 2004, Know The Truth, P. 66).
Retaining equality in marriage is God’s plan originally as He designed, for a “Marriage involves the consent and the intent of the will between a man and a woman.  It is a binding covenant – not a license – between one man and one woman.”  (Berkley, 1992, P. 420). 
The marriage vows taken within today’s climate are taken as a contract rather than a covenant commitment between a man and a woman.  The difference being that a marriage covenant is based upon equality in the life-long ideals of mutual love and fidelity and recognizing God’s action.  Whereas, the marriage vows viewed as a contract, does not recognize God’s apparent action but rather deals with impersonal matters.
God planned the marriage between a man and a woman and “Become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).  God commands His people in (Genesis 2:28) to leave their parents and cleave to their mates.”  Therefore, when a man and a woman are joined together in marriage, become part of God’s divine order, re-enacted and followed after the vows, by the physical consummation of their union together, has been an objective of marriage since its inception by God,  in which God fulfills our creative destiny.  The wedding ceremony when approached reverently as a worship service for both man and woman in mutual consent, glorifies God’s creative pattern, for God instituted marriage as honourable and “Sanctified marriage for the welfare and happiness of mankind.”  (Berkley, 1992, Leadership Handbook Of Worship & Praise, P. 413).
Presently, there has been a shift in emphasis from marriage, to a relationship, a term being widely used and accepted due to obscurity within the distinction between legalized marriage and de-facto marriage, as both being accepted and recognized to be the equivalent version of the same thing, and is today acknowledged by the legal system for committed enduring homosexual relationships and heterosexual relationships, in which gay relationships are seeking to receive equality in marriage as in heterosexual marriages.  This is evident from 1994, when the country’s pre-eminent counseling service, the board of the Marriage Guidance Council of Australia changed its name to Relationships Australia, as foreseeing the future reality that marriage would be included in the many forms of relationships, sexual and otherwise.  (Mackay, Advance Australia Where…, 2007).

Dennis and Barbara Rainey are co-founders of Family Life international ministry, whose mission is to build Godly marriages and families created on the principle that the family provides the foundation for society, and as Christians we are told in the Bible to believe that God and not man created marriage, and marriage between a man and a woman was the first institution designed by God as a sacred covenant and life-long.  The Bible clearly states that marriage is a legally binding public declaration of commitment and a private consummation between one man and one woman and never, between the same sex.  God gives a wife to a husband and a husband to a wife, receiving one another as God’s unique and personal provision to meet the mutual needs of each other.
We must believe and declare that the marriage commitment must be upheld in our culture today as God’s sacred institution as the truest sense of spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy, so that men and women can become one as described in (Genesis 2: 18-25; Ephesians 5:30-32; 1 Corinthians 7:3; Matthew 19:4-6; Proverbs 27:17; Romans 1:26, 27; 8:29; Hebrews 13:4;  Matthew 22:30; Deuteronomy 24:5; Song of Solomon) for the purpose God created marriage of couples to glorify God as one flesh, enjoying sexual pleasures, and parenting godly children.  “As iron sharpens iron, we believe God uses marriage to sharpen a man and a woman into the image of Jesus Christ.  Just as the Trinity reflects equal worth with differing roles, we believe that God created a man and a woman with equal worth but with differing roles and responsibilities (Genesis 2:18-25).”  (Rainey & Rainey, 2007, Family Life Marriage Bible, P. 9).
The Bible does not allow sin to be swept under the carpet in the case of homosexuals or lesbians who are professing Christians.  We must address the gay issue with professing Christians thoughtfully and carefully, and my responsibility as a Christian is to point those who are gay professing Christians to Christ, who calls them to a biblical sexuality, which God designed to be expressed through the sexual union of marriage, which is only between a man and a woman (Genesis 2:24) “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife, and they become one.” (GNT). (Dawson, The Complete Evangelism Guidebook, 2008).

"Anyone who finds they have committed any of these sordid lifestyle in their own lifestyle, I now invite you to repent and ask God's forgiveness so that He may remove any generational curses you have inherited on this account, or your families for that matter:

*"Lord Jesus you alone are our God and Saviour. We acknowledge our sins on account of our sordid lifestyle and that of sordid lifestyle handed down to us through generational curses from our ancestors and forebears.

Lord Jesus we alone have no chance to be freed from such curses, but through you Jesus "All things are possible" (Matthew 19:26). So we submit our life, our will to be conformed to your standards, with the renewal of our mind, that we may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God according to your Scriptures in (Romans 12:2).

Help us Jesus to be the kind of person you want us to be, and save us Jesus, save us from all our sins, Amen! So be it Lord Jesus do it, and may your grace Jesus through the Holy Spirit sanctify us for your service in our lives to behave like Christians (Romans 12:9) to "Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good."

In Christ Jesus we now entrust our life, and we now draw the bloodline of Jesus over the whole lots!"





Tuesday, November 5, 2013



1. Not compatible; incapable of existing together in harmony.
2. Contrary or opposed in character; discordant.
3. That cannot coexist or be conjoined.

(Psalm 94:13-15) “You give them rest from days of trouble until a pit is dug to trap the wicked.  The Lord will not abandon those who belong to Him.  Justice will again be found in the courts, and all righteous people will support it.”

I will now invite you to be freed from incompatibility’s hold on your life, saying out loud this prayer of repentance for the remission of your sins and those of your loved ones -

*”Lord Jesus you know the trials and the tribulations I have endured throughout these past years of disharmony within my family’s circles, of friends,  relationships and the like.

Lord Jesus I am interceding on behalf of myself, (your family members) to be put right with you Lord Jesus in our transgressions against you to be remitted from us once and for all in connection with “incompatibility” existing in our midst, to keep us from having loving relationships, enduring together through the tough times and in the good times.

Lord Jesus we are truly sorry on this account for all the times we have abandoned one another within our family to have only resentment and offence with one another, which has declined all our aspects to be able to live compatibly together.

Lord Jesus you alone can be our Saviour from “incompatibility’s” hold and restraints upon each one of us belonging to our family, which has been devastated and ravaged by sin’s hold of "incompatibility’s” reign and rule becoming principally evident in our family gatherings, to withhold us back from truly genuine encounters of approaching each other with a loving heartfelt encounter of true emotions expressed being withheld from us all (you, and your family members names).

Lord Jesus I am truly sorry on behalf of myself and (family members names) for omitting true genuine love’s compatibility from entering our family’s fellowshipping together.

Lord Jesus I now ask for your pardoning of this heinous sin against your principals for a loving family’s establishment on your compatible love to now be re-instated to last our whole life through together and to be passed onto our own loving descendants as well to partake of your blessings of inheritance through us, that nothing shall by any means harm us, for if God be for us who can be against us?  The Lord is our helper, we shall not fear, what can anyone do to us apart from His will – nothing!  (Hebrews 13:5-8).

Lord Jesus the hurts and fears which have haunted us over the past years have now been erased by your precious blood which I now ask you Jesus to pour out over me and (your family members names) which has been our salvation from  your righteousness and truth filled lives now to be evident in our hearts filled with love for one another now, and a desire and a willingness to be around each other once more in harmony and compatibility’s rule and reign in our heart’s love-felt desires for one another, as you commanded us Lord Jesus as being the greatest  commandment, to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the greatest and the most important  commandment.

The second most important commandment is like it; Love your neighbour as you love yourself. The whole law of Moses and the prophets depend on these two commandments.” (Matthew 22:37-39).

Now Lord Jesus we acknowledge your truth in how to conduct your love for us out to one another, we thank you to conglomerate and secure our family’s steadfastness securely on you Lord Jesus alone for one another in my family circle of me, (your family members names) that we might share in your inheritance from the Father’s love through you Jesus who sent you Jesus, His only beloved Son because He loves us as well as you, to redeem us from the curses laid upon us of the incompatible, to be changed and transformed Jesus into your likeness of the Father’s love, unified, compatible in all our ways and loving as you commanded us to do for “Love covers a multitude of sins.” 

(Proverbs 10:12) and Jesus you are love in all its perfection, grant us your perfection Father God in your perfect love displayed in Jesus’ compatibility with you in our family’s unity once more and for always in loving you, for by Jesus’stripes we have now been healed and made whole complete lacking in nothing in Jesus’ name, Amen!

So be it Lord Jesus to do it!  And I now draw the precious bloodline of Jesus over all my family and I, that no weapons formed against us shall prosper but every tongue which rises up against us, He will show to be in the wrong, for this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and our righteousness is in Him Christ Jesus, who has lovingly joined and unified and made compatible in His image with the  Father and the Holy Spirit, all my family members and I together again in one accord “All for one, and one for All” Amen!  Together with the Holy Spirit’s grace within us all now and for always, Amen, to the glory of the Father in Jesus’ name be done unto us all, as we would want for each other in our family unit, and our friendships and relationships, Amen!  So be it Lord Jesus to do it, Amen!”









Monday, November 4, 2013


(Devotion is classified as:

1. dedication; consecration.
2. earnest attachment to a cause, person etc.
3. religious observance or worship; a form of prayer or worship for special use.)
(Less: means “without.”  It indicates failure or inability to perform or be performed)

(Luke 18:14) “Everyone who exalts himself will be abased (lowered), and he who humbles himself will be exalted (elevated as in rank or character).

“Anyone who lacks wisdom, “you should pray to God, who will give it to you” (James 1:5).  For wisdom is what it takes for a person’s devotion to be upheld in a moral code of life’s agendas for worthiness in any such way to be established in that person’s devotion to the Lord, or in service to Him through the work they do for their employer, as well as the devotion primarily which begins in the family life, through loving parents showing a true devotion for themselves and for their children.
We come away from that devotion in times of disruptive anger, threatenings, and the  like, which tears family relationships apart from the goal of one-some and  unity among the family members.  I invite you all now to repent out loud -

*”Lord Jesus you were extricated (disengaged from combination) from your family – mankind – which you created for a loving relationship, to have for one another in loving you.

Lord Jesus in the disruption of allowing you to be crucified by the people, whom you came from heaven to be with especially the Jews and all other nations who believed in you, not for the good works you did, but abhorred the very thought that you could be the Son of God, who crucified you believing not in you but in their own principles and ideals of what God’s Son, the Messiah would look like were dismayed and protruded (projected) from their faith to God Almighty, the El Shaddai of their Jewish faith from Abraham’s seed, to be catapulted into sheer “devotionless” to God Almighty – the God of Abraham – El Shaddai’s provision of His Son Jesus being ridiculed, for even imagining that He could send a Son like Jesus to represent Him.

The people lost all their devotion to you Lord Jesus, when they exalted a robber Barabbas in your place, to set him free instead of you and honouring God in your  representation of Him.

We have all sinned against you too Lord Jesus in many ways when we have betrayed one another’s trust, whether it has been from our family years growing up with the family unit, or in our own times of losing friendships and broken relationships, when one has turned against us without remorse for their “devotionless” actions towards and against us.

Lord Jesus, we have inherited curses of “devotionless” through our loss of relationship in our family unit from the beginning of your creation of Adam and Eve and in their sin they committed against you, by believing the lies of Satan against you Father God – the curses they laid upon those after them is “devotionless."

This curse has oppressed generations upon generations through the original sin of our forebears Adam and Eve throughout mankind’s history, to default all of man’s true devotion towards God and as the Scripture tells us in (Deuteronomy 5:8-10) “Do not make for yourself images of anything in heaven or on earth or in the water under the earth.  Do not bow down to any idol or worship it, for I am the Lord your God and I tolerate no rivals.  I bring punishment on those who hate Me and on their descendants down to the third and fourth generation.”

Punishment is what gets our attention dear Lord Jesus, for when things are going well our attention has not been focused on you at all, until all our own attempts to resolve problems have been exhausted.

Lord Jesus, by dying on that cross at Calvary you defeated death and have brought life back into the world through your shed blood’s cleansing power which washes all our sins away through our repentance.  (Acts 16:33) tells how Paul and Silas were imprisoned for believing on the Lord Jesus, and in so doing were thrown into prison – but God!  For what Satan had intended for their harm God turned around for their good, in resulting with the jailer’s family believing in the apostle’s acclamation and were saved in Jesus’ name too, he and his household became believers and were baptized.

Lord Jesus this account tells us that you will prove us when our devotion is to you alone, and through the cross you have redeemed us from the curse and judgement of the sin through our forefathers and their sins of devotionless to you and amongst their family members and their relationships together.

Lord Jesus you also know about this division in your own family with your siblings.  Like you declared in (Mark 6:4) “Prophets are respected everywhere except in their own home town and by their relatives and their family.”

Jesus we now commit ourselves to you as a living sacrifice of worship and praising you as the Son of God, who through the Father’s love conquered evil once and for all through your shed blood atoning  for our sins on the cross of salvation, for our carnal and generational curses afflicted upon us through the generational bloodline curses of “devotionless.”

Lord Jesus I am now repenting on behalf of myself and all my siblings and their families, and my own (if married – name all your family members), of all our sins including the generational bloodline curses of “devotionless.”  I cast all of those sins upon you now Jesus, and I ask for your forgiveness and redemption from all our sins of “devotionless” to be eradicated from our family’s lines, and to be washed in your precious blood Jesus, cleaned from all the oppressions we have endured through disunity and dysfunctioning  family units leading to breakups and loveless relationships amongst us of the - (name your family name and members),  (if single – name your family’s surname and each member of the family), we renounce Satan and all his works of deception in “devotionless “ attacks on God’s creation of His family units.  We now renounce all of “devotionless” inhabitation within our families from time past and accept you Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, who through your sinless nature and obedience, loyalty and devotion to the Father, you were able to deliver us from the curse of “devotionless” into your ways, your truth, and your life displayed and continued throughout  our lives as believers, to receive your gift of true devotion in our families  now and forevermore, Amen!  So be it Lord Jesus do it, and I draw the bloodline  of Jesus over the whole lot, Amen!” 




Saturday, November 2, 2013


“Pity Fossicking – looking for someone to give you attention, in a manner of sympathy, or unquestionable actions of mercy and love of free-holding towards the pity of the recipient’s true feelings of caring and free gestures, to help unconditionally, and unencumberant towards the recipient.

Some people dwell on old wounds, by a continuous repetitive inclusion of those past bad experiences – to whomever will give them their audience, and listen with a pitiful heart to the stories told.

My true belief of this sort of attention, is only a device of using good people for advantageous pursuance of their good nature to continuously be open, to give unconditionally without anything in return.  People who are inclined this way will always be on the receiving end, and never make any advances to be a partaker of giving freely anything – unless it’s asked of them.

My own experience, is to allow you all to observe how manipulative this form of generosity can turn into a taking always relationship, and not ever being a recipient of anything unless a formal request is made.

Some people in our family circles do just that – take and never think twice about offering to do, or bring something as a free gesture to any family functions, or as a free gift of appreciation for anything.

So many people think that just because parents and families are genuinely generous to one another – they need not participate, because there is no need, because the people in question are always supplying them abundantly.

Fossicking goes to all extremes when a person due to personal needs, screams out and asks for handouts when they like, but do not consider for one minute – how and when they need their request met by the offspring filling their need just because they asked them to.

This sort of pitiful request is a true fossicking of their rights projected across to a very accommodatingly kind and generous fellow or woman, of a true heart felt desire to help those in need.

But the point is, God gives help to those who can’t help themselves by being grateful, and with a willpower to give also back for their free help received when they needed it, and not having to be asked for it in return.  This is God’s measure of love – to love freely, and to be a giver and not just a taker all the time, and He will be glorified in this – look at the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-11) – all about how God wants us to conduct our lives in His power, and not to fail in pity’s wayward downfall of hopes and dreams, but to be conquerers and achievers, and servants of the Most High God Almighty.”