Saturday, November 2, 2013


“Pity Fossicking – looking for someone to give you attention, in a manner of sympathy, or unquestionable actions of mercy and love of free-holding towards the pity of the recipient’s true feelings of caring and free gestures, to help unconditionally, and unencumberant towards the recipient.

Some people dwell on old wounds, by a continuous repetitive inclusion of those past bad experiences – to whomever will give them their audience, and listen with a pitiful heart to the stories told.

My true belief of this sort of attention, is only a device of using good people for advantageous pursuance of their good nature to continuously be open, to give unconditionally without anything in return.  People who are inclined this way will always be on the receiving end, and never make any advances to be a partaker of giving freely anything – unless it’s asked of them.

My own experience, is to allow you all to observe how manipulative this form of generosity can turn into a taking always relationship, and not ever being a recipient of anything unless a formal request is made.

Some people in our family circles do just that – take and never think twice about offering to do, or bring something as a free gesture to any family functions, or as a free gift of appreciation for anything.

So many people think that just because parents and families are genuinely generous to one another – they need not participate, because there is no need, because the people in question are always supplying them abundantly.

Fossicking goes to all extremes when a person due to personal needs, screams out and asks for handouts when they like, but do not consider for one minute – how and when they need their request met by the offspring filling their need just because they asked them to.

This sort of pitiful request is a true fossicking of their rights projected across to a very accommodatingly kind and generous fellow or woman, of a true heart felt desire to help those in need.

But the point is, God gives help to those who can’t help themselves by being grateful, and with a willpower to give also back for their free help received when they needed it, and not having to be asked for it in return.  This is God’s measure of love – to love freely, and to be a giver and not just a taker all the time, and He will be glorified in this – look at the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-11) – all about how God wants us to conduct our lives in His power, and not to fail in pity’s wayward downfall of hopes and dreams, but to be conquerers and achievers, and servants of the Most High God Almighty.” 

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