Saturday, November 19, 2011


“My holy name is what brings all men’s abilities into persuasion.
My holy name brings men and demons to their knees.
My holy of holies – The Lord God Almighty – above all creation – all powerful – never-ending – for eternity.”

Holy means – the most untouched, unblemished, clean, uncorruptible, in security of self- owned “Be” above all, so powerful – so immense – so alive in one who created us to be powerful in Him, well deserving of His glorious provisions in Christ Jesus’ death and atonement for the world’s sins of man and in His resurrection from the death that cross brought was man’s holy freedom, God Almighty has instigated to return us back to Him.

He is so awesome – three in one – so mighty, so grand, great and mighty, all powerful, all seeing, all knowing – holy is He who comes in the name of the Lord for God will reward those who come in humility to become holy, blameless and liable in His hands, for He loves us and intends us to be holy too, ordained solely for His glory in our works and composure to be true and upright in His sight – with the repentance and true clarity of what sin did to us in our lives, and then once He has forgiven us through our true acknowledgements – the Lord God Almighty washes us clean with the blood of the lamb – Jesus – to be holy and ordained to be disciples of Jesus, and to follow His encouragement made known to us by the Holy Spirit’s placing in our lives to encourage and exhort us, to be holy and clean of all the world’s pollution makes unholy. (Hebrews 12: 2-14).

Holy days – means to keep that certain day in prayer and worship and thanksgiving, as a reminder of God’s great mercies and love for all who obey and honour with obedience to do as His Laws – The Ten Commandments stipulate. Holy – means to be clean – and upright standing – to do the very best you know is right and is pleasing to God, through our comportment to not continue doing what He has shown us to be wrong, and to desire to keep all His Laws according to His ways explained in Deuteronomy 28: 1-14. Remembering honour is pleasing to God and allows His holy presence to eminate through us, for the Scripture tells us to put on Christ, as explained by the apostle Paul in Colossians 3: 1-17. This distinguishes the put on Christ characterisation which is pleasing to the Father, and brings His glory through to us through His Son Jesus and back to Him, in all we say and do just as Jesus declared everything for His Father, so we should examine our ways and strive for the peace which surpasses all our understanding when God allows His holy people – us, to live out His love!

Love conquers all the evil in us, and when God takes hold of us when we choose to be upright standing with Him – through repentance and constant examination of our actions, words and deeds as specified in Matthew 16: 23,24 - shows God how serious we are, to be fully pledged in His orders and not ours – this is what holy living is – to be declaring His Word (the Bible truths), displayed in our own life’s standards – actions – not just words – to become a holy lifestyle, as God planned from the days of Adam and Eve, before lust for the forbidden fruits of this world was allowed to become the lifestyle pattern for self- gained power, and not one which is orchestrated for God’s glory.

God is always glorified through our actions, words, and deeds lining up with His Word, throughout the Bible standards He set in place – the do’s and don’ts – according to Genesis 1 to Revelation 22:21. God ruled from the beginning, and as is for always, will be forever and eternity.

Holy based principled living is to love and obey the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Live holy, love Him and He will make you holy in His sight, and free to be holy in your actions, words, and deeds for Him, as we live in love of Him in true obedience.

Every day is holy now that Jesus Christ redeemed us from the curse, and Sunday is everyday not just the one day a week – Sun (rises), day (everyday). (John 1:17). This is the true way which holy is to be manifested for all to witness and observe, and to give our true testimonials through our lives, and as He who made us is holy, and we were made in His imagery (Ephesians 1: 4-14), so we are holy too!

Thanks be to God forever! Amen! Says so!