Saturday, November 10, 2012


“This is a sound statement of facts, explaining the fundamental loss of freedom lifestyle one is accustomed to – this loss is due to disobedience – not listening to good advice given at any time and living a, “won’t be told what to do lifestyle.”

This lifestyle forfeits freedom on every side of life’s agendas, whether it be – finances, whether it be – an attitude to rebel against one’s parents – “to show them how much you don’t need them, and that you can do things on your own without their control” – this attitude comes in after, “you won’t be told what to do” attitude takes hold and root in somebody’s lifestyle – for freedom’s sake, they forfeit the very freedom Jesus bought for us on the cross at Calvary, when we do not rely on God’s Word, but on our own insight – meaning – on the defensive when a parent or loved one gives us advice for our good, and then this attitude which by not accepting any word of advice and doing it your own way comes in, and robs the forfeited free lifestyle from its host.

The Bible implicitly tells us to obey and honour our parents as unto the Lord Himself –this means even later in life, when we may have children of our own, we must not ever shrug off any advice given in loving well-meaning for our benefits. Once you cross the line of never being able to be told what to do – it’s like slamming against a brick wall when someone gives advice or directions, to teach about anything – because the “won’t be told what to do” brick wall of oppression is raised to make the person “forfeit the free lifestyle” again and again – missing out on blessings and indications of true freedom lifestyles sent by God to bless us with His insight and directions, through our learning His ways from the kind advice being given through His loving provision of family and friends, genuinely interested in our well-being. But when that wall of oppression goes up through the, “won’t be told” attitude again and again, it shows how totally opposite our understanding is apart from God’s perfect will for us, to rely on His insight through His advisers to us, and not rely on self in sight which is is the inner man’s insight to dwell in one’s own sight for themselves – which can only lead to a forfeiting freedom lifestyle – with no freedom whatsoever – but to remain in the bricked up wall area of their own insight, and not God’s will. This is called disobedience of God’s free will input, in every person to do what God requires of them in obedience for their welfare, and not harm – remember Psalm 127, specifically outlines this problem as “Unless the Lord builds the house, the work of the builder is use less.” This use less lifestyle means that every time advice, or a learning is given, and the person applies – “the won’t be told what to do attitude” – the brick wall is erected, and erected everywhere all around them – whether it be in financial arenas, work arenas – they’re all use less because of the forfeiting free lifestyle – they have come to rely on their own insights kicks in and encloses them in, so that they miss out again and again, as useless in all their application for a truly free lifestyle will fail them not to receive, the financial blessings God has for them, if, when they follow His guidance through advice and having a teachable spirit is adopted. This sort of lifestyle can only diminish when the person finally gives up on the “forfeited free lifestyle,” and regains their ability to be willing to be told what to do and become accessible to God’s freedom of choice to choose His will for them, when God uses the people around them – who lovingly do care for their welfare – their immediate family and only the few true friends who will pass on the good advice as requested by God – for them to receive freedom of choice - BUT TO FINALLY DO IT! This means no more walls – no more loss of freedom of choice.

When a person identifies this in their life, that as Proverbs 35, states “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and do not rely on your own insight,” ask them to repent by saying this: “My Lord and my God how truly awesome you are – you gave me your free gift of free will, and I have forfeited that free will by choosing to rely on my own insight for my lifestyle. I am truly sorry, and repent in dust of this attitude which has allowed the powers of darkness to take up house in my life. In Jesus’ name with your grace of the Holy Spirit, I renounce every attitude which has caused me to entertain the powers of darkness in my life with this attitude of self-reliance and rejecting you Lord through my sins of disobedience to your Word. I am truly sorry for all my sins in this regard, and I cast them all onto you Lord Jesus and I thankyou to set me free from every bondage of oppression which has come upon me through not wanting to be told what to do by you or anybody you have sent for my welfare.

I thankyou Father in Jesus’ name to wash away, by the precious blood of Jesus shed at Calvary for me, all the rejectional hurts in my heart and cleanse me from all unrighteous living. I now take authority in Jesus’ name and acclaim once and for all, that I will trust in your Word, and not rely on my insight, for I now know that I am yours truly (name of person speaking this repentance prayer).

When we give our free will back to God – He allows us to choose freely by giving us His insight to have a discernible Spirit – that is the Holy Spirit – who will give us insight for His truth to be revealed to us – on which is right for us, and when given any misleading information or advice by worldly standards – the Holy Spirit will give us the understanding through His Word of knowledge for us, that if it is His will – we will have a good warm feeling of peace, and diversely so for the opposite – you will have no calmness of peace, but rather a discerning uneasiness within your heart at the hearing of the topic quoted to you.

“My love” says the Lord, “I will not abandon or forsake you ever.” It’s only when we abandon Him and build our own buildings, that we displease Him. After all He created us – He built everything the world contains – His freedom of choice gift to us, should not be used for self-gain apart from His will – but as a thankyou lifestyle to do as our Maker instructs – after all He is The Beginning and The End, The Alpha and The Omega, and there is nothing else in between. If we can admit to it – and say, “Yes Lord I do believe you created the earth and everything in it, and you created me in your image – I give you my life – take control of it, that I may trust the Lord with all my ways and not rely on my insight.” This is the true life God Almighty intended for His beloved men and women and children made in His imagery – to be like Him and not to ever forsake Him, and not to forfeit the free lifestyle He bought with His precious blood. Jesus who is the Way, the Truth, and the Light, will always direct us, if and when we choose to follow Him, He will bless us with all kinds of miracles and favours too many to count. For He is an awesome God who loves us so much that not even one, will He let go – so please adhere and obey to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and live as God intended for us originally – to be His friend, as we allow Him dominion for our life, free of brick walls – only flat plains to see His goodness manifest in His buildings, solid on the foundational Rock of Ages “Jesus” whose name means “Yes and Amen, to all the promises of God.” (2 Corinthians 1:20).

Go and enjoy life free at last!”

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