Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Means: to- fail, omit, take, abuse, decry, deduct, forget, ignore, lessen, rebate
*”Lord Jesus the enemy would have us discount you, that you ever existed, or that what you did on the cross at Calvary was insufficient to win the battle over sin and death.
Lord Jesus you conquered the grave and all its holdings to keep us from the life of joy you purchased for us on the cross at Calvary and paid for the debt of sin in our life. We repent Jesus, of discounting you in all our ways, whereby sin and all its entrapments have overtaken our lives to be discounted from your best for us.
Lord Jesus me, and (your family members names), have been redeemed from the law of sin and death, and we now recognize our sins against you.  And in penitence and true sorrow for our discounting you, ask for your forgiveness.  Help us Jesus never to discount you, so that we can be discounted from having what you died to give us, but we renounce sin and all its effects in our lives to keep us from having what you have counted to us.
Lord Jesus please forgive and re-establish our rights once more to be free to receive all that is accounted from you to us as your children, born again to live in your righteousness and truth, Amen.  So be it Lord Jesus to do it, and I draw the bloodline of Jesus over all my perditions apart from your will to now be confident in your provisions for me once more, Amen!  To be obedient and loyal to you Jesus, Amen!  
(Matthew 6:15) “But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive the wrongs you have done.”

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