Thursday, October 9, 2014


According to (Matthew 10:28 GNT) “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather be afraid of God, who can destroy both body and soul in hell.”  This depicts sin’s reward from having been deceived by the evil promotions of world enterprises including, Christian churches who manifest to the needy with manifestations of delusive spirits, to attend churches for their sensationalism with impressive words that are the cause for excited feelings and emotions.

We are told in (Matthew 10) instruction on the conduct of those who serve as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We who serve in this ministry must comply and trust God to supply us with all our daily needs, because we must be prepared to do as His Word says or else we would be living a heretical lifestyle of preaching and teaching God’s Word to others, but not doing so in our own lives.

This warning comes because of the many televangelists who are preaching the good news for a price to the needy instead of doing as Jesus instructs in (Matthew 10:8), “You have received without paying, so give without paying.”  (Matthew 10:20), “For the words you will speak will not be yours they will come from the Spirit of the Father speaking through you.”  We must therefore, be accountable for our teaching and preaching God’s Word as He designates, not seeking popularity with sensationalism.

God knows what each person needs to hear when they go to church, rather than just for giving, they should be able to receive, and get what God has prepared for them to get through the message spoken.  (Psalm 50:23) tells us how God is honoured when we attend church, “Giving thanks is the sacrifice that Honour Me, and I will surely save all who obey Me.”  How kind and generous is the God we serve, for He knows our needs before we ever needed them, and it’s in the thanksgiving offering when we attend a church or even pray to Him in our homes, that honours Him.

Be freed at last from the sensationalism of giving, out of an emotional sense of giving money out, or sending money for television outreaches.  Give generously, but wisely and not out of emotional giving through “the manifestations of delusive spirits” alluring the needy to give, for the sake of receiving their hearts desires through donations requested to fulfil God’s availability to bring about what they need.

The way to be freed from such falsehoods is to repent of “the manifestations of delusive spirits through the sensationalism lifestyle,” as such:

*”Dear Lord Jesus, I repent of “the manifestations of delusive spirits through the sensationalism lifestyle,” I am truly sorry Jesus and I ask you to wash and cleanse me of all my unrighteous behaviour as a result.

I thankyou Lord Jesus to fill me up with your grace now, through the Holy Spirit filling all the areas made void within me with the perfection of your Kingdom, Amen!

So be it Lord Jesus to do it, and I draw the bloodline of Jesus over the whole lot, and I forgive and forget everything from myself and everybody for the past and present in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Thankyou Jesus to, guide me in your way of truth and enlightenment to have clarity and discernment in knowing the truth from any falsehoods, Amen!”



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