Thursday, August 9, 2012


“Lord Jesus you are the Mighty Counsellor, have your way with us, me and my family (names). We are in breach of trust towards you and each other.

Father God you have claimed us yours through the shed blood of Christ Jesus your beloved Son, who has redeemed us from the perdition of sin takes from our lives within your covering of your Covenant of Grace which Jesus claimed for us who believe in Him.

Father God we now recognize the breach of trust that has occurred in our lives due to our bad choices apart from your will. Choosing to gossip about one another about personal issues and not trusting you to resolve. We have breached trust of one another in our marriage and in other people’s affairs, whereby we brought division into friendships and even marriages. Lord Jesus you were betrayed numerous times, but your shed blood has provided for a way out for our reconciliation back to you and to Father God through your Holy Spirit’s conviction of this heinous sin of breach of trust brings –

Lord Jesus you are our intercessor to the Father, we implore you to stand up for us in His presence for us, in our repentance of our sins of breach of trust from the time we breached someone’s trust to this present time, on behalf of myself and my family (names) we repent of breach of trust in our lives Lord Jesus, and we now hand over to you all the times we breached your trust, or breached the trust of others, and we repent of the breach of trust against us as well by those who have breached your trust.

Father God I am deeply sorry for my offences against you, as well as those from my family (names), and I now ask that your Holy Spirit be with us from this moment forward guiding our tongues in which way to speak, only words of positive recognition, and to discard of the negatives, Amen!

Father God we adore you and we give you thanks that through your precious Son Jesus, we can have a reconciliatory life of grace from you, that we plead the precious blood of Jesus over all our sins of perdition through the breach of trust. And we now draw the bloodline of Jesus over the whole lots, Amen!

Thankyou Father, thankyou Jesus, thankyou Holy Spirit, to fill all those areas left void now in my life and that of my family’s (names), with your extremunction grace with the perfection of your Kingdom within us all, Amen, Praise God Almighty!”

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