Saturday, January 5, 2013

GUILT-RIDDEN - The cause of obesity/starvation due to Anorexia Nervosa

This is a mighty prayer of empowerment of release – please include your family members, by affirming, “On behalf of myself and the members of my family (names)”:

“Dear Lord Jesus I am truly sorry for having been guilt-ridden from time past. I am truly sorry for this heinous sin of guilt-ridden attacking me from time to time to get me off track of believing in you to mend my family’s relationship together, of trusting one another again.

Lord Jesus I repent of being ridden by guilt to be offensive in your sight, for having made mistakes in judgement and not allowing your discretion to overrule my failings in the matter.

Lord Jesus you are the true and living God, thankyou for giving me newness of life and receiving your truth which is now setting me free from the guilt-ridden, into the Lord’s servant to forgive all who have encumbered me with guilt-ridden, to now change my course into your fields of prosperity and rightstanding with you, for a good outcome in my life for all the processes in my life’s advancements into your fields of goodness and mercies as your Word declares for me, “That my God supplies for all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus,” according to (Philippians 4:19).

I claim that the shed blood of Christ at Calvary has now washed me clean of all the guilt-ridden my body has carried for the past (number of years) to now be released from guilt-ridden, and all its implications on my body, to now be discarded and by His stripes I am now healed in Jesus’ name, and all sin has now left my body to be in His will to be free now to discern the truth in all matters, and what was done wrong be erased from me now in Jesus’ name by the precious blood of Jesus, which I now draw the bloodline of Jesus over all that was laid upon me wrongly, and I forgive and forget and let go and let God, so that I too am forgiven, Amen, and in Jesus’ name I forgive and release myself, Amen. So be it Lord Jesus do it! For Thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever, Amen!”

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