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”My life is in your hands my Lord.” When we submit our lives and our will to Him – the Father – He really does take all that we are, and make us a new creation for His use – for as the Scripture says, “Be of good cheer – for I have come not to judge the world, but to save it.” This preparation for the Passover meal of His Son Jesus, was to take away all our sins and remember that God has saved us through the sacrificial feast of His Son Jesus, whom was the lamb slain for our transgressions (John 3:16-19).
God’s love covers a multitude of sins, and in His love for us God always provides sustenance for His people – whether it be through the Scripture – to feed the soul – or be it earthly food – He sustains us to do worship in His name, with thanksgiving for His meal for us.
My Lord is great and His mercies are new every morning.
From the first offering He gave for His people for the Garden of Eden, to be ample for the sustenance of His first man Adam, and for Eve his wife – He gave of His love in that garden – giving reference only to one tree not to be admissible to them, from what they could eat.
God is so kind and generous to us all – but has placed limitations on so much food being taken, that can harm us. The limitations are for our own good. When people overstep and override that command – they become into bondages of sin – the disobedience lifestyle which does not prohibit them from anything – but harms their spiritual lives, and starves them to death apart from God’s true purpose for their lives.
God has a plan for everyone, but unless we do give Him our wills, He cannot feed us any- more, because we would only abuse His system of boundaries in our partaking of the gifts of spiritual food for thought, in our over-eating everything in our gardens, and not leaving anything for tomorrow’s season.
My input here is to say, that whenever I have family dinner at home – we always have leftovers – we are three individual families at present, and no matter how much I cook, God is so gracious to oversupply our needs, that He even allows us to have leftovers to feed the three families for the next day’s meal.
I have never seen it like this before. I was watching Benny Hinn this morning on Channel 10 – when a guest on his timeout meeting was prophesying on the purpose of seed reward of food for the harvest. This enabled the Holy Spirit within me to emphasise and connect with the prophetic words being spoken, on how to receive a harvest when we sow the seed of a meal to strangers, when we sow a meal to a holy man in the name of the Lord – even when finances are low – is when God will take that seed and plant a garden of prosperity, for in the coming season for your prosperity. The Passover meal symbolizes this when He gave the order through His servant – Prophet Moses – that the people – each family on their own, to partake of a meal of meat – lamb, and bitter herbs to remind them of their past slavery – whilst they were eating, they were dressed in their travel attire – and standing ready to move on to the pastures God would lead them to – the promised land of milk and honey. They ate remembering and praising God for His provisions.
“I tell you all, this is what I did for them” says the Lord, “and I can do it for you – when you feed and clothe the hungry and thirsty for My name sake – you did it to me, and I will do the same in return for you all – when you give up to Me the little that you have, I increase that little into My grandeur. I will provide for you and your families in the hard times always, and will bring you all into the seasons ahead of plenty.
As David, wrote in the 42nd Psalm, “As a deer longs for water – so my soul longs for you my Lord.”
I will satisfy all who are oppressed and hungry – I will satisfy all your needs for you when you come to my banquet table, for the Lord is your shepherd and He will let no lack come unto you, nor your family, for He will satisfy you with good things so that you can stay young and strong like an eagle, and rise up with wings of eagles to ride out the storms of life, in My favour of My provisions for you and your families not to decline, but to incline to My Words which are a lamp unto your feet, and a light unto My path.”
This all means – when we partake of the sacrificial lamb’s feast - Jesus the Son of God, slain for our transgressions – we partake of God’s sacrificial meal for us. Do not deny our own bodies of that marvellous seed gift the Father provided – to grow and bring His harvest of goodness and mercies and love within those who partake of His heavenly meal – the body and blood of Jesus – His beloved Son’s sacrifice of His own body for His obedience, to the Father’s glory to be manifested in His sacrificing all that He had for the meal of thanksgiving and pardon, for all God’s people to freely partake and receive as a sign of His forgiveness to all, for all we have transgressed against Him, and our fellow man and women and children. This meal is the Communion bread and the Communion wine offering that is offered in all the masses around the world - which is performed as a thanksgiving offering to God Almighty, He in turn will see to all our needs being met, for financial gain to be able to bless our fellow members of the body of Christ – to feed the hungry and lost and to bring them into the Lord’s Supper too – to be initiated with a meal into God’s Kingdom come living in advances and not retreat back to the Garden of Eden – where man lost his fruits to the devil’s persuasion.
When we give freely to the needy in our lives, when God prompts us – He takes over and gives us more to continue the feast of the goodness cup of His mercies to run over in our lives, and feed the leftovers to the needy in our groups to know the goodness of God’s provisions, if we allow Him to prune off all unfruitful branches from our lives – that in the right seasons, those pruned off branches – meaning lost expenditures supporting dead things that bear no goodness to one’s life and give no glory to God – will be cast into the fire of hell that we may bear all our sacrifices to the One and Only – for Him everything we have – to feed and be fed on His feast for our soul’s growth in His Kingdom come living, in obedience and sanctification of our lives to be in stewardship to His services – for He has never asked and not given back double, triple – a hundredfold in return of blessings for that seed gift of food from our homes for Him, that in due season He will multiply and continue in His advancing His Kingdom through us, to feed the lost and hungry.
For Jesus did not come into this world to judge but to save, and with our replying to God’s promptings to share His benefits to us by blessing a holy man or woman of God with a meal offering – His Kingdom reigns and will bring the meal back a hundred fold return to the giver in His name – to glorify His marvellous name above all names, that every knee shall bow to, that when “Jesus” name above all names – requests on our behalf anything on our behalf, God will grant it – for Jesus who sits at the right hand of our Father in heaven , who answers Jesus “Yes” for His requests on our behalf and says “Amen” to all His promises for us, in turn for our good deeds in His honour. If we will submit the little that we have – and that’s all that God requests – He, our awesome God, will bring His harvest of our cup running over to feed the thirsty, for His Word of truth to encourage and exhort His Word “Jesus” in our lives for all to partake of His body in one accord and unison, for He is the head of the body we belong to as God’s children, and look to Jesus who is the way to the Father – for His guidance and caring through our allowance of His fruits of our labour to be distributed when and where He chooses us to plant for His seasonal blessings, with the Holy Spirit’s unconditional loving and caring and nurturing grace, will shower that seed with the rains of His glory to uphold the seasonal harvesting to feed His people with plenty, and enough leftover, to spill out blessings for the next coming day’s allotments of needs to satisfy the family’s nutrition to eat and be merry, with the thanks always to the Father in heaven as Jesus taught His disciples and to us to believe in God the Father, for our daily bread as follows – in the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-15.
The Lord’s Prayer signifies all that man could ever require or need, with the condition that, we must forgive so that God can forgive us, to bless us with His meal and keep us from the evil one.
Forgiveness is the key invitation to the banquet table of the Lord (Psalm 23), for when we completely accept that only God can sustain us, He does prepare a banquet here on earth as well as when we go to heaven to join with Him for eternity.
Watch out who you break bread with – for Jesus did not allow just anybody to join Him at His Last Supper – but the select few who were given a Commission – to love one another as He loves us, and the Father will be exalted in this service – when we go out and be the person God created us to be – made in His image to love and serve Him and the need, He brings in our pathways.
Do not neglect the ones in our families, for they are God’s gifts to us. Teach them also to give of themselves firstly – by inviting them to your family dinners and meals – by planting this seed of exhibition of the true will of God for all families to come and join together and share in with the thanksgiving meal – they too inherit the blessings of the family’s impartation of grace, with the Holy Spirit’s witness of God’s goodness as always, for His perfection exhibited in the family’s unity of breaking bread and offering of themselves freely, to partake of the paternal table laid out for them, by His goodness flowing through the parent’s invitation to come home - to the family home and eat and drink and be merry together, in thanksgiving to the One and Only True Living God – God the Father, God the Son – Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit – triune but one in all accord for us to also continue to exhibit “All for one and one for all,” at all our meals together – God is very well pleased in this and delights in His children’s happiness. “Amen” says so – Jesus God’s witness – “The “Yes” and “Amen” to all the promises of God for us” is the Way and the Truth and the Light to the Father’s banquet table – so let’s join in with Him by saying as Jesus declares for us – the last words of the Bible to eternity’s meal with Him to the Father’s glory – (Rev. 22;21) “May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with everyone.” (GNT).

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