Saturday, March 30, 2013


      “Too many folk believe that they are correct, and give criticism to all churches for their cult like manner displayed in various churches around the world, and then base their judgement invariably upon their succession of experiences.

       God did not say to man, “to rule over man” – but “to fellowship together” – and to greet one another with a kiss of brotherly love (Romans 16:16), as for Christ who is the head, and the Church – who are the people – to fellowship.

      Any community of churches governing the people to do as they control over their mindsets, is not of God -  (Romans 16:11) displays this attitude, by giving flattering words of acceptance and pretence, just to fill their popularity needs – to show their church is popular by the people’s attendances.  God is not in the numbers game, for He looks at the heart and knows the truth – a person who has a genuine servitude to Him, will be sincere, and doing all he can to serve God – no matter how many people are in attendance.

      The loyalty factor here remains for the pastor, preacher, or priest, to direct all his sermons of the Good News to be directed to all who would hear, and then God through His Holy Spirit will convict each Christian as He ordains.  For we all have need, different it may seem -  but all the same.  When a pastor, preacher, or priest, give a sermon – only God knows the needs of the people, and He will designate His will to the pastor, preacher, or priest – the exact sermon appropriate for the people in attendance – to hear the Word of the Lord, specifically for them.

      This means, judgement has no place.  God is love, and love has no ill-feelings towards others, only a genuine nature to treat others as they would want for themselves.  So let’s all put our different denominations aside, and know that we all serve a great God, who is Sovereign above all, and may we receive the grace of the Lord Jesus within us all, and give praise to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all in one who promotes all the Gifts of the Spirit unilaterally within the body of Christ – us His Church – for the glory of God the Father, Amen!”



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