Tuesday, July 9, 2013


“HYPOCRISY’S INTENT”:  stimulation or pretence of goodness, feigning, to pretend and invent, to be what one is not: concealment of one’s motives; insincerity – hypocrite.  One who dissembles his real nature; a pretender to virtue or piety.

“BIASED”:  inclination;  prejudice; bent; prepossession or special influence that sways the mind; to influence the mind to prejudice; to prepossess (often unduly) - 

“These above characteristics, enthuse the mind to be distracted from the truth. Whenever we receive information from a source other than those whom we have trusted from time past, we can tend to receive false information which can then lead  to a new nature implanted in us through ideas and motives not seen or heard by us from previous connections, who we trusted with regard to their caring for us and not wanting any harm to befall us.
Unfortunately, there are many ways in which we can fall victim to “hypocrisy’s intent to bias” the mind of people, to believe lies told them about those whom we have trusted from long ago, who have never intended for any harm for us, but the opposite which is for our good.  When we have been accosted, and confronted by those who would want harm for us, they are very subtle in their approach to win us over, to come over into their way of thinking about matter which previously never caused us concern for whatever – as a sign of trusting those to whom we have known to be trustworthy – now in the midst of the new companionship one finds a different outlook for those whom they previously trusted and believed in, through the changing of one’s mind and attitude by “hypocrisy’s intent to bias.”  This is a spiritual oppression caused by the evil intentions  of one who is jealous of another’s “better off” status fom theirs.  They are jealous and want to harm the one, whom is “better off” than they are, to bring them demise and ruin.  Satan is his name, and through him many become deceivers for the common good of others.  We are told in (Matthew 15:10) Jesus said, “It is not what goes into your mouth that makes you unclean; rather, what comes out of it makes you unclean.”
This is the evidence we need to know, that when a person lies about a situation or people to others, this can be damaging for the person and for their past trust in those whom they have always cherished and trusted in their lives. This is a heinous sin to turn mother from daughter, and likewise daughter from mother.  We need to understand – this is a curse of “hypocrisy’s intent to bias” which has been commenced out of jealousy and a mal-intent for the person’s entire credibility in the balance of who they are, and what they have believed and known from the time they were born.  This is called a doubtful existence which the “hypocrisy’s intent to bias” is achieved – which alienates from the truth those who have permitted a person to influence, prepossess their mind to sway them from the truth, instead of just saying “No” to them at the beginning of their being confronted by the adverse to what they know to be true, at the start – they fall for the bait of Satan which will then take them further to be intrigued to be caught like fish hooked on the line dangled by the deceiver’s “hypocrisy’s intent to bias.”
This can cause much disruption to one’s real destiny as God intended for them, for if Jesus had not cut off “hypocrisy’s intent to bias” Him when Peter rebuked Him, as He was telling the disciples about His going to the cross, in obedience to His Father’s request, as outlined for us too in (Matthew 16:23) Jesus spoke in retaliation to Peter’s rebuffal of His going to the cross with “Get away from Me Satan!  Because these thoughts of yours don’t come from God, but from human nature.”  Jesus knew His destiny was in His Father’s hands, as ours is too – so let’s not waste any more of our precious destiny’s time in the hands of others and not God’s purposes for our good intent, with this simple prayer of renunciation of all the “hypocrisy’s intent to bias” our way of thinking from the truth in those whom we know and trust with our   lives for good – this is what we shall say:

(On behalf of me, and include your family member’s names, if you choose) -

”Lord Jesus we are truly sorry for having believed the lies of Satan to affect our God-given destiny with “hypocrisy’s intent to bias,” and destroy our faith in You and all You have given to us – our families, and our self-doubting. Lord Jesus we recognise our faults on this account, and are truly sorry for offending You and being swayed from the destiny You have for me. Forgive me Jesus, so that I can recommence Your life’s plan and purpose for my destiny once more. I repent of abandoning my mind to believe the lies through “hypocrisy’s intent to bias” all I believed to be true from my birth.  I now relinquish to You all of those lies and the “hypocrisy’s intent to bias” within me.  I now cast the lot onto You Lord Jesus.  Help me to rediscover all that I am, and all that You have for me to correct my thinking with Your alignment of truth in Your ways, and not man’s any longer  to be effective in my life from this moment forward, Amen!

I now ask You Jesus to enter into my heart as Lord of all and second to none.  I thank You for going to the cross and shedding Your blood to wash me clean from all my sins of ritually unclean, and I now give You the authority in and over my life for Your glory. I now reconnect my thinking to Your ways of living, with my family and those whom I know from long ago that can be trusted to be there for me, to help me to achieve a right standing with You, who will support me in taking up my role as You intended for my good and Your praise, I give to You, Amen!
I now release and forgive myself in Jesus’ name, and I forgive everybody for anything in the past or present, and I ask You Father God to sustain me with Your sanctifying grace through the Holy Spirit to bless me and keep me Yours in Jesus’ name, so be it Lord Jesus do it, and I draw the bloodline of Jesus over the whole lot, Amen!”



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