Monday, August 11, 2014


“This is a factual declaration revelation for all to see and learn how easy it is to get off track with God into an arena of self-destructive motives of lifestyle changes, interrupting God’s plan for us and our lives ahead and not stagnated, by misery and losses of true identity, as a result to being disobedient to God’s Laws, and hearing His word and doing it.
God makes sure we hear Him in the ways He communicates with each one of us, but the same applies as a result to our disobedience to do as He requests us to do --- which is for our benefits all the time.  “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that none would perish, but have life and be saved.” (John 3:16-17).  This passage depicts how Jesus our Saviour, reminds us to repent through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, when we stop and think of ourselves, and if there is a niggling pain which has been present for some time seem to have increased, we need to ask God this, “Father please tell me, why this pain is, and what are you trying to tell me by allowing this pain to get my attention, for your word of knowledge as to why, and what have I disobeyed you to have this pain?”  Please tell God these words, and you’ll definitely get a response.  I can assure you most of the time it’s due to us not listening to His voice – in other words disobeying His word – meaning His instructions for us.
When teeth are involved – it’s a matter of pride that’s at stake here.  Teeth are the picture of happiness through the smile – but if no teeth – no smiling can be as affective, as when beautiful white teeth are on display.  Pride, meaning that you have not humbled yourself in some way God has been instructing you to do.  So the teeth will be affected by removal, and/or fillings required will also point to the prideful nature of the recipient of God’s demands not being adhered to at all for some time.
People don’t think alike and the ones who are rebellious natured for themselves and nobody else – will find that when a problem arises with their right-sided teeth – it means that they have bitten off more than they can chew in a situation and have gone too far to recompense adequately for their true available earnings to cover their debts.  This means that they are in a financial indenture – meaning they owe more than their wages cover with this sort of problem – teeth will become extracted – which is a sign of loss of wisdom – meaning accountability to pay is not on their agenda – so the pain of tooth extraction will signify the pain of having to bear the problem until it’s healed and the missing tooth is fully healed over by the recovering gum to close the wound. This closing of the wound is an exhibition to all who have had a tooth removed to think carefully where they are allocating their finances.
The left-hand side of the teeth means a loss of the indenture to be taken away at a time of mere collapse of financial status for a better life in all aspects of finances and difficulties resolved easily.  This shows the different side-affects for teeth removals and incisions of any sorts in the mouth are due to financial status declared by not listening and obeying the word of the Lord with their funds in the wrong investments of growth for no gain in their benefit – so God will allow pain to get one’s attention to change for their own benefit.  We must never forget that the right side of a single woman is their relationship with a man that’s gone wrong and likewise for a man – to have had a relationship issue with a woman.
On the other hand with the left-hand side of a man or woman it relates to their relationship with God and what is going on in their pathways being directed by God or themselves or men and women.
This is the contrary for a married man.  The right-hand side is related to his relationship with God and the married woman’s is the left which means their right-hand side is her relationship towards her husband and the opposite for the married man is his left-hand side signifies his relationship with his wife.
You will find that God is always communicating instructions to us all in some way or another and we must have honour for Him to respect and fear Him and ask Him why this or that is painful – He’ll reveal it to you and then repent of it immediately and then finish by saying the Lord’s Prayer.  This covers all your needs and you’ll find healing is immediate once you’ve acknowledged and repented and acknowledged your errors and become humble to receive correction and change for the better with a new understanding to do as God tells us always.” 


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