Saturday, May 2, 2015


This is an extraordinary set of circumstances which affect a person’s personality to display an unorderly approach to life’s general purposes – to profit and reap the most success out of one’s life’s abilities to reach their goals, and to use their finances in an appropriate manner which identifies their success, and not their lack in any area of their lives.
Enmity, means – (feeling or condition of hostility; hatred, ill-will, animosity, antagonism) -all side effects from a difficult time in one’s life, as they progress forward to be renumerated for life’s purposes in God’s hands.
This condition must be repented of as such:
*”Father God, with the grace of the Holy Spirit, I give you thanks for your Son’s, Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross at Calvary for all my past “identicate enmity” of occasions in my life of past incurrences contrary to your will.
I am truly sorry for allowing those past circumstances in my life to come upon me now from the enemy in the form of “identicate enmity” which has brought much oppression in my life, from the time I endured hardship to now.  I am truly sorry Father for disobeying you through all my sins on this account, and I truly ask for your forgiveness and love to carry me through to all you have planned for my life – which I place into your hands, Amen!  In Jesus’ name I draw the bloodline of Jesus over the whole lot, and I forgive myself and everyone for what has passed away now, and I am ready for your present day to be renumerated of all your destiny has for me, Amen in Jesus’ name.
 Thankyou Father, thankyou Jesus, thankyou Holy Spirit.”
This prayer will bring you, and the people who pray it, or whom you are interceding for – much relief through a peaceful mind, able to see clearer than they have for a long time, and therefore (Romans 12:2) will be applied by God’s mighty ability to conform one’s mind to be stable and able, to know His will as He applies the power of the Holy Spirit to enlighten and teach, of His true will and abilities to conform to His standards by the recipient of the above prayer, in Jesus’ name to the glory of God the Father, Amen!”

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