Saturday, June 22, 2013

RIOTOUS LIVING: involving engaging in riot; unruly; rebellious; seditious: luxurious; wanton; licentious.

”Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I proclaim that I can do nothing apart from You, so in Jesus’ name I say, Lord Jesus come and restrain me and my family from grieving the Holy Spirit by riotous living.

     Lord Jesus I repent for all the riotous living in my life and that of my family’s, (your family member’s names) lives of unrighteous living apart from your will in doing against Your will in riotous living, and taking You for granted in dishonouring our parents and the roles that they play of the fifth Commandment in Your place over us, to direct us in Your ways of honouring them as unto You Lord.  We are deeply sorry for the riotous living taking effect in our lives from time past till now, and with Your precious blood Jesus I now cut off of me, (family member’s names) with Your two-edged sword of Your Word Lord Jesus, all the riotous living we have participated in and through our disobedience to Your Commandments and all the curses resulting from the riotous living in our lives, I now cast onto You Lord Jesus.

Father into Your hands I commend my spirit and that of (family member’s names).

We are truly sorry Father God for offending You and not honouring You as taught by Jesus, living a moral standards lifestyle and the dishonouring of our family’s honour.

     Lord Jesus I repent on my behalf and my family’s (family member’s names) of all the riotous living we have taken part in and incurred curses as a result through grieving the Holy Spirit.  Through Your precious blood Jesus we now approach the throne of God the Father, and with You as our Mediator Jesus, we can trust that Your shed blood has atoned us from all these sins, from our lives removed as Psalm 103:12 declares, “That as far as the east is from the west You remember our sins no more.”  Father God with thanksgiving and praise to You and Jesus and the Holy Spirit we are now Yours, make us the kind of persons You originally intended for Your purposes to be carried out throughout our daily living in Your honour, and to Your praise and glory Father God in Jesus’ name, that we be washed clean me, (family member’s names) with Jesus’ precious blood, and that we be guided once more by the Holy Spirit to do none other than Your will, Amen!  So be it Lord Jesus do it, and I draw the bloodline of Jesus over the whole lots, and may Your abounding grace Jesus through the Holy Spirit sanctify our lives and in our bodies with the perfection of Your Kingdom, Amen!

     Praise and honour and glory to You Father God, that we remain in Your Kingdom come living in Your destiny for me, (family member’s names), and all our forthcoming descendants, and all their future spouses, Amen! 

So be it Lord Jesus do it.”


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