Saturday, January 4, 2014


THE DENOUNCEMENT SPIRITED LIFESTYLE”: Which gives a foothold to the controlling spirit of advocacy against God’s will denouncing family members.
“God did not ordain families to be apart but to have good solid relationships, until sin was introduced into the Garden of Eden, wherein God was denounced by Adam and Eve for giving them all they ever would need, for the sake of eating from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil to become like God, when they already had God’s likeness and image inbuilt within them from their creation.  From that moment forward the sin of “The Denouncement Spirited Lifestyle” has broken many a relationship between family members until now, that this revelation of truth will set the captives free of enduring breakups in relationships – family or otherwise as the cause of divorce when it is publicly declared in legal terms for the courts to adjudicate how to close a relationship agreement with a divorce settlement.
The children of such a marriage continue to live under the curse of “The Denouncement Spirited Lifestyle” through having to live with both parents, which continues the cycle of denouncement one towards the other family member, until finally the bloodline of Jesus is drawn over all of “The Denouncement Spirited Lifestyle” in each member of the family you belong to.
This is how it’s done:
*”Lord Jesus I am truly sorry for my denouncement and my family’s (name of your family members).  On our behalf, we repent of all our behavioural patterns towards one another of our family members, since this curse took root in our family bloodline from the time past.
Lord Jesus, you said that there would be divisions within family members for your sake.
Please Lord Jesus forgive us all, me and (your family members names) of all the transgressions against us on account of “The Denouncement Spirited Lifestyle” which we now choose to cast onto you Lord Jesus once and for all, to draw the bloodline of Jesus over “The Denouncement Spirited Lifestyle” in my life and (your family members names) lives, to no longer have an effect on our relationships together within our family, or with those relationships Lord Jesus, you have designated for marriage to our family members.
Lord Jesus we are truly sorry for all our denouncement of each other within our family, and otherwise in the marriage relationship breakdown ending in the divorce of our family members in the previous marriage.
Lord Jesus we acclaim our rights of (Galatians 3:13) that you became a curse for us and paying for our debts on this account for me, (your family members names)
Lord Jesus we resolve to never again open any doors that the enemy opened to us to denouncement, by asking you Jesus to seal and cover any doors that we opened against your will through listening to “the controlling spirit of advocacy against God’s will denouncing  family members,” to seal and shut them with your precious blood Jesus.  So be it Lord Jesus to do it, Amen!  And may the grace of the Lord Jesus be with us all, me and (your family members names), and thankyou Lord Jesus for all we have and all that you are about to give us, according to (Ephesians 10:15-17) “And the Holy Spirit also gives us His Witness.  First He says, “This is the covenant that I will make with them in the days to come says the Lord:  I will put my Laws in their hearts and write them on their minds.  And then He says, “I will not remember their sins and evil deeds any longer.”
“So be it come Lord Jesus.” (Revelation 22:20).  Amen!”                              



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